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Revision 5/18/2021

We would like to thank The Riverton Inn with crafting a response related to the updated COVID regulations.

Below is an update to all our customers on the current news regarding masks.
Based on the CDC and Governor Lamont’s guidance, we’ll be following these guidelines.

  • If you have not been vaccinated, please continue to wear a mask as you enter the brewery, to your table, and as you leave.
  • If you have been vaccinated, the decision is yours whether or not you want to wear a mask.
  • Our team members will be following the same guidelines. However, if you come into contact with a team member and would feel more comfortable with them wearing one, please ask. We’ll have them readily available. We want you to feel comfortable during your visit.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during these uncertain times. Leaving these decisions up to each business adds another level of confusion.

Thank you,
The Little Red Barn Brewers


(Weather Permitting)

Monday: CLOSED
Tuesday: CLOSED
Wednesday: 3-9PM
Thursday: 3-9PM
Friday: 12-9PM
Saturday: 12-9PM
Sunday: 12-6PM

Taco Shack

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Sultan Kebab

Thursday, July 29, 2021


Friday,  July 30, 2021

Fork In The Road

Saturday,  July 31, 2021


Sunday,  August 1, 2021

Brewery Events

Mike Wilson
Wednesday, July 28

The Dead Dawgs
Thursday, July 29

Sunday, August 1

Some of Our Hand Crafted Brews

Spring Fever IPA / American
This American IPA is slightly fruited, slightly earthy, and well hopped – clean and crisp.
7.8% ABV

Cream of the Crop Cream Ale
This classic Cream Ale is mild and smooth with very little bitterness and a refreshing finish.
5.5% ABV

Passionate Haze NEIPA
This juice bomb is loaded with passion fruit puree and bursting with fruited goodness!
5.2% ABV

Little Blue Pils Fruit Beer
The beer that makes you stand up straight! We added blueberry to our pilsner to create this refreshing summer brew!
4.5% ABV

Little Red Seltzer Hard Seltzer
A sparkling refresher flavored with cranberry and lime. 4.2% ABV

OMG (Oh My Guava) Sour/Fruited
This tropical sour is fruited with over 300 pounds of pink guava puree – pucker up!
ABV 4.9%

Edgeworks IPA IPA-Session/India Session Ale
Simcoe and Citra Hops make up this hop forward session IPA!
ABV 4.3%

Roll in the Hay Double IPA IPA/Imperial/Double
Our double IPA is loaded with Chinook and Amarillo hops that pack a punch! Don’t Roll in the Hay without it! ABV 8.14%

Raggie Red IPA IPA
Our newest addition to the “Raggie” series, this amber ale combines the malty sweetness of a red ale with the hop bitterness of an IPA – two great styles equals one great beer! ABV 5.1%

Lawn Chair IPA – American
Pull out the lawn chair and kick back with a bit of hoppy goodness! Using only citra hops, this easy drinker will become your new lounging around beer! ABV 4.6%

Cow Tippin’ Copper Ale – Pale Ale / American
Great blend of malt and hops, smooth and refreshing for whatever the day brings!
ABV 5.6%

Sublime Sour Sour / Fruited
Get ready to pucker up with our latest sour-loaded with fresh key lime! ABV 4.9%

Winchester Wheat American Pale Wheat
Traditional American wheat beer, refreshing and easy drinking. ABV 5%

Freshly Squeezed IPA New England
Juicy, hazy, smooth, and tasty! Take a trip to New England with this citrusy IPA! ABV 5.6%

The HeiferHefeweizen
Drinks light and crisp with a hint of fruity banana. ABV 5.4%

Everyman’s Porter Porter / American
Robust Porter very easy drinking. ABV 5.6%

Mad River Pilsner German
Our famous pilsner is light & easy drinking! Float down the river with this relaxer! ABV 4.5%

Kountry Kolsch Kölsch
Light, crisp & easy drinking! A perfect summer brew to keep you cool! ABV 4.5%

Pick Your Shandy! Summer Shandy or Little Blue Shandy Shandy / Radler
Choose our standard Summer Shandy or our Little Blue Shandy (blueberry) to keep you cool all sunmer! ABV 5%

Where it all Began

Little Red Barn Brewers is really a story about how two brothers and their high school friend worked on transforming their dreams into reality.  The Hop Brothers, Matt and Nate Day, have been friends since birth.  They caught the craft beer bug shortly after Matt received a Mr. Beer kit for Christmas.  Although the early beers would not stand up to their current standards, the pint-sized dreams began.  Shortly after getting a Mr. Beer kit, the Hop Brothers began brewing with Greg Hoffman, whose life experiences made him the ideal mentor for the gang.  Greg taught the brew crew the importance of precision, sanitation, documentation, passion, and perhaps the most important life lesson of them all, enjoy what you do, for our time on this rock is short.  It wasn’t tough to get Nils Johnson involved with the club – he was often heard proclaiming, “free beer, count me in”.  What he lacked in training, he more than made up for with his experienced taste buds.  The LRB quickly outgrew making their nectar on the kitchen stove; it was time for a new home.  Nils’s parents, Nils and Gail Johnson, donated the use of an old horse barn located in Barkhamsted, CT for this purpose.

History was Made

On March 9, 2013, the brew crew produced their first batch of beer at the now historic Little Red Barn.  Without the Johnson’s generous donation, the brew crew’s dreams may not have been realized.  If you see them in the tap room, buy them a pint.  The Little Red Barn Brewers researched numerous towns in the Northwest Corner.  During the summer of 2017, the LRB selected 32 Lake Street, Winsted, CT as their future home.  They quickly realized the Little Red Barn Brewers LLC was not building their brewery, but rather the brewery belongs to the community.  The support of the community, businesses, and town hall has been overwhelming, and it’s exciting to be part of the revitalization of a once-prosperous town.  Winsted is more than just a town, it’s the gateway to both the Litchfield Hills and the Berkshires.  Little Red Barn Brewers LLC will be “Brewing up Good Times” in Winsted, CT starting March 2019.

The original “Little Red Barn”.  See, we’re not kidding!

You Did It!

The LRB would like to THANK ALL OF YOU for your incredible support of our Kickstarter Campaign! With the contributions made by family, friends, and all of our supporters, we have crushed our milestone goal of $15,000 and have closed our campaign by raising over $34,000 towards Winsted’s Brewery! This just shows the excitement and the commitment of everyone in helping to bring positive changes to Winsted! CHEERS TO ALL OF YOU!

What Happens at the Barn, Stays at the Barn

CT Brewers Guild “Support Local”

The LRB is also a proud member of the CT Brewers Guild! The CT Brewers Guild was founded in 2012 to help promote our local breweries as well support the member initiatives  that  support profitability, and increase the  awareness of the many CT breweries and legislative actions.

Interesting Beer Facts

At any given time, 0.7% of the world population is drunk. It means 50 million people are drunk right now.
It’s beer thirty somewhere!

162,719 pints of Guinness beer are wasted each year due to mustaches.


the fear of an empty beer glass.
Terrifying phobia indeed.

LRB Brew Crew

Nils Johnson

Nils Johnson

Co-Founder, President

Nils caught the craft beer bug early in life.  It wasn’t because of its superior taste, it was out of necessity.  It’s legal to buy the ingredients for beer under the age of 21.  So in the interest of science, the ingredients were bought and the beer was made every three weeks during one summer break.
After those early experiences, Nils took a hiatus from beer.  He attended and graduated from Northwestern Community College and went on to have a 25-year career in transportation.  His first job, and one he held for 20 years, was working for Lippincott Van Lines, Winsted, CT.  Nils’s support for the community has been evident by his two decades of volunteering with a local fire department.
How did working in transportation prepare Nils for making beer?  The honest answer, not at all.  This is why the Hop Brothers are in charge of that.  The business side of beer, now that’s something his experience has prepared him for.  Throughout the years, he had to watch cash flows, interact with customers, write HR polices, route trucks, and has dealt with numerous federal and state agencies.  These skills will translate nicely into this venture.
Nils has often been associated with Beerman – many think he is this super hero.  Research has shown Nils often wears glasses and Beerman does not, so he has been eliminated as being the alter ego of the defender of Craft Beer.

Nathan Day

Nathan Day

Co-Founder, Head Brewer

When Nathan’s brother got a Mr. Beer kit for Christmas, he invited Nate over for their first attempt at home brewing.  The seed was planted and the next month Nate got his own 5-gallon brewing kit.  After a few solo brews, he was thirsty for more knowledge.  Nate turned to his friend and bandmate, Greg Hoffman.  Greg was once an avid brewer of beer and, after conversing with Nate, his love and passion for brewing was rekindled.  It was at this time that Nate thought it would be a great idea to form a brew club as a way to foster their passions.  Under Greg’s tutelage, Nate began to learn how to build a beer and soon shifted his focus from crafting songs to crafting recipes.  Close friend Nils Johnson joined the club and they quickly outgrew Greg’s kitchen… they moved to the Little Red Barn and eventually made the decision to chase a dream.  Focused and determined since that day, the Brew Crew is close to realizing that dream.

Matthew Day

Matthew Day

Co-Founder, Marketing, & Assistant Brewer

Matthew began brewing beer about 7 years ago after receiving a beer brewing kit from his wife for Christmas.  Brewing quickly became much more than a hobby as he and his brother (Head Brewer Nathan Day) quickly upgraded their equipment and began experimenting with the many varieties of craft beer.  For the past 2 years, Matt has been brewing at a feverish pace to keep up with the numerous private parties and events where the Little Red Barn Brewers have been sharing their brews.  Matt has been in charge of the Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts for the brewery.  Matt also works in the IT department at The Hartford Insurance Co. where he has been for 20 years.


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32 Lake Street
Winsted, CT 06098

If our brew lot is full, there is additional parking on Meadow Street.


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