The hot and humid days of summer make me nostalgic for my family summer trips to Lake Winnipesaukee. I was just knee high to a pint glass but the memories made could fill an entire keg. The days were filled with swimming, boating and, most importantly, laughing by the lake. After getting off the water the fun really began – the town had a family fun park. I remember playing skeet ball, playing video games, chasing an orange ball through a wind mill and, to top off the evening, an ice cream cone.

I recently visited R & B Sports World and those great feelings of my youth came rushing in like a fastball in the batting cages. Can you imagine that a family can have fun these days without the use of a smart phone or DVD? R&B has everything you need to create your own soon-to-be-nostalgic memories. Do you want to imagine being a race car driver? Well then, the go-carts are for you. Race the entire clan, loser buys ice cream. Perhaps dreams of playing for the Red Sox dance in your head… off to the batting cages for you. Actually, for those of you with a bit of stress in your life, imagine the ball being your source of that stress and hit it as hard as you can. It is great therapy and does not come with a co-pay.

If the above is not enough, how about practicing your putting on a nautical-themed miniature golf course? For those of you who prefer indoor activities, R&B sports has you covered as well. I have not played skeet ball or pinball since I was a little guy, which changed last weekend. And for those of you with younger children, the indoor play area is the bomb. I was watching kids go crazy in there! Kids were bouncing, sliding, maneuvering through an obstacle course, and laughing with delight. I can only imagine that the little ones sleep well after a day of play, which happens to be a wonderful bonus for the adults.

The perfect ending to a day of play… ice cream. The frozen treats available for consumption would make Elsa, Anna, and Olaf scream with glee. Rain or shine, R&B Sports World has adventures and activities for the entire family.

Think about all that the lovely community of Winsted has to offer. It has wonderful restaurants, a glorious lake, artist communities, family fun center, and soon-to-open Little Red Barn Brewery. Sounds like a pretty amazing tourist destination if you ask this guy.

Stay tuned dear readers for more exciting news about what is happening in our community!

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