While researching for this piece, I came across some interesting facts. According to experts, breakfast is one of the top 3 daily meals. Government-funded research has also concluded that it is normally the first and most important meal of the day. This is why, for over two decades, I have been going to McGrane’s Restaurant, 37 Park Place, Winsted, CT.

One cannot talk about McGrane’s without first mentioning the owner, Tim. He is not just passionate about food, his love for the town of Winsted is apparent. One just needs to look at the posters in the windows… I believe every event in town is taped to the glass. I hear a brewery is coming to town, and I’m sure you will learn about the grand opening on the window sill of McGrane’s.
To survive in the restaurant business this long, you need to have two things: great food and service. You won’t be disappointed here. The breakfast menu has not changed much in years for one simple reason, it does not have too. When I’m looking for a good breakfast at a tremendous value, I go straight to the “Complete Breakfast” section of the menu. Not a single breakfast over $10. I truly appreciate the farmer-inspired names, The Farm Boy and the Rancher. Fits in nicely with a Little Red Barn themed brewery, just saying.

I also discovered during my research that the government recommends two other daily meals, lunch and dinner. McGrane’s has you covered here as well. To be perfectly honest, I’ve never ordered from their menu for lunch or dinner, I always select a delightful meal from their special board. Although I cannot personally verify, I hear their pizza is out of this world. I promise you this dear reader, you may arrive at McGrane’s hungry, but you will leave completely satisfied.

According to McGrane’s Facebook page, they deliver. I can almost taste it now, sitting by a window at the LRB sipping an IPA while eating a Cajun Turkey Melt freshly delivered from McGrane’s. Who said dreams don’t come true? This fall ours will be and everyone is invited to be part of the experience.

Stay tuned, dear reader, for future Spotlights on Winsted!


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