This week’s spotlight is on Foxtail Catering and Café, 242 Main Street, Winsted CT. There is an amazing stat online about Foxtail and this really speaks volumes about their quality. When you combine the reviews from Yelp, Trip Advisor, and Facebook, Foxtail has a perfect average score of a 5 – this is based on 136 reviews! Having just two people agree on something is a feat, but to have 136 is downright remarkable.

Speaking of amazing and remarkable, the food at Foxtail is innovative, unique, and downright mouthwatering good. The best way to describe their style of food is American Cuisine prepared using French techniques. Their specials board is always inventive. During one visit my guest ordered the lobster corn dog– what an amazingly creative combination!

I did a lot of research for this piece. I have had the pleasure of visiting for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And have never been disappointed. With each visit there are opportunities to find amazing food combinations not found elsewhere in the region. Chef Jay has a very impressive culinary background. Each time I see him, I thank him for bringing his skill set back home. A quick story will show what a magician the chef is. Beerman hates, with a capital H, fish. Chef Jay took this as a challenge and prepared Chilean sea bass in a salsa. I politely ate a mouthful. As I shoveled additional fish into my mouth, Jay advise me that I was under no obligation to finish the meal. I responded by saying, “my taste buds are advising me differently.”

What is less well known about Foxtail is their catering division. This past Thanksgiving they catered Beerman’s family meal. No slight to my family, it was perhaps the best holiday meal we have ever had. I believe the secret to the success of Foxtail is as simple as passion. Passion for the town, passion for food, and a passion to always strive to make their next meal their best one yet. If you want to shine at your next function, I highly recommend contacting Foxtail for your catering needs.

I hear rumors that the Little Red Barn Brewers is working with Foxtail Café on a collaborate effort. Dear readers, stay tuned for more details.