We meet again dear readers.  Can you imagine a prosecutor asking advice from a defense attorney on how to convict their client?  How about the owner of a restaurant going to a competitor asking them for advice on how to improve their peppercorn sauce?  Or asking your significant other for advice on how to cheat.  Like you, I also thought these scenarios to be absurd.

I have firsthand knowledge that the absurd is the norm in the CT Craft Beer scene.  It’s not a stretch to say that without the help of CT BeerGuild and its members, Little Red Barn Brewers would not be “Brewing up Good Times” in Winsted, CT this year.  I would like to take time to recognize a few breweries whose help and guidance has gone above and beyond the call of duty.

Brewery Legitimus is located at 283 Main Street B3, New Hartford, CT.  During the build-out of this brewery, the Little Red Barn Brew Crew would stop in weekly to ask questions, and the owners, Chris and Christina Sawyer, were always very generous with their time.  In fact, they were so generous I believe the LRB is personally responsible for any delays they had in opening.  With three additional breweries opening along the RT 44 corridor over the upcoming months, Chris will become known as the Godfather of the RT 44 Brewery Crawl.  It has been wonderful and inspirational watching Legitimus grow from a dream into reality.  Legitimus has set the bar high for all of those who follow.

Brass Works Brewing is located at 2066 Thomaston Ave, Waterbury, CT.  The ownership group is made up of two brothers, brother-in-law, and family friend.  Does this sound familiar to anyone?  They are blessed to have not met the LRB brew crew until after they opened, for we could not cause them any delays.  Their support of our dream has been amazing.  They have spent endless hours going over how to craft a recipe, vendor recommendations, explaining the brewing process, federal permitting advice, and educating us about the pitfalls we will face as we strive to open.  They will be a short 30 minute ride from the Little Red Barn.  If you want to meet great people and better beer I highly suggest taking the trip to the Brass City.  Their best feature is they are down the road from the DMV… god knows you need a drink after going there.

Alvarium Beer Company is located at 365 John Downey Drive, New Britain, CT.  The advice and guidance that the owners – Chris, Mike, and Brian – have given us has been, and will continue to be, a huge influence on the success of our Pint-Size Dreams.  All they’ve ever asked for in return is to pay it forward.  “Someday there will be a homebrewer with a lot of questions… simply take the time to listen and offer advice.”  Many of the features you’ll come to love at the Little Red Barn have been inspired by this crew, including their absolutely amazing beer.  Do yourself a favor and take a ride to hard-hitting New Britain.  I promise you this, dear readers, it will be worth the trip.

My apologies to the dozens of other breweries who have helped.  These are the three I have had personal experiences with.  The Hop Brothers have received help and guidance from other amazing CT and MA Breweries.  Hog River in Hartford, CT, Noble Jay in Niantic and Big Elm in Sheffield, MA come to mind, but their thanks, unfortunately, will have to be heralded in future posts.

Dear Connecticut Craft Beer Breweries, the Little Red Barn Brewers make you this promise:  As breweries, we have an obligation to make great beer and provide great experiences to our customers.  We are honored to join this fraternity and we promise to meet and, hopefully, exceed the high standard you have set.

Beerman will return next week with another Installment of Spotlight on Winsted