Dear Readers,

It’s been such a long time since we’ve chatted!  Typically, I take our short time together to focus on a local business.  Bob Dylan said it best, “The Times They Are A-Changin”.  Let’s call this Spotlight edition Beerman’s therapy session… please indulge me as I share a few thoughts about our current “New Reality”.
Over the last few weeks, an invisible intruder has taken over our airwaves, thoughts and, for some unfortunate people, their bodies.  This intruder, let’s call him Itchy (extra credit if you can name the reference), has an unforeseen side effect… it has made heroes of everyday citizens.  The list of heroes is long, and my time is short, so I only have time to thank a few:

• The health care workers and EMS personal who are leaving their families each day to fight this war at great risk to their own health.

• The business owners who are risking their health to keep their doors open so we can get the essentials we need for life. Apparently, we all need 100 rolls of toilet paper to survive.

• The town officials who must navigate the great unknown while trying to reassure their residents.

• The parents who must balance work and their kid’s education.

• Every person who is trying to spend money at local businesses. You are the difference maker.  Without you, many doors would be closing.

I am often asked, “Hey Beerman, what can I do to make a difference?”  Lucky for you, I have a few ideas:

• When I was a kid, I heard rumors that people would put dog poop in a bag on the front porch, light it on fire, ring the doorbell, and sit back to watch the reaction. Mom/Dad if you are reading this, when Beerman was a half pint he never did this.  Hmmm… so I strongly recommend against doing this now, but it did give me inspiration for a good idea.  Many in our community cannot leave their homes.  How about we go buy groceries or prepared meals, put it on their porch, ring the doorbell, and sit back and watch the reaction (at least six feet away).  I promise that what you see will bring joy to all parties involved.

• Look for craft projects for the kids to pass the time. Make face masks and donate them to medical and EMS personnel.  Simply go to YouTube or Google for instructions.  Please use new fabric, the ones I made from old boxer shorts were not appreciated. 😊 For the record, I did wash them.

• We are often quick to criticize, but praise is not given out as freely. Send a positive note to your town officials.  They are as concerned and scared as we are, they simply cannot show it.  Critiquing now is like calling a fire drill during a missile strike, probably not a good idea.  There will be time to critique the handling of this situation… now is not that time.

On a more personal note, I want to thank a few people.

Countless times a day, friends, neighbors, and strangers stop by the brewery to buy a few to-go beers.  When we thank them for supporting us, their response brings tears to our eyes.  “No, thank you LRB for all you do for the community – we will not let you fail.”  Words escape me to express the gratitude this brings to us.

Thank you to all the employees of the LITTLE RED BARN BREWERS.  Without you, this dream would have never happened.  It’s our turn to try to return to you everything you have given us.

I would like to thank all the dogs of the world.  Your unconditional love is needed more than ever.  Thank you for making these times easier.  When this is over, all dogs of legal age get a free pint on the LRB.

And thank you to our families who have supported Nate, Matt, and me as we chased our dream, and now support us as we work extra hard to make sure the dream goes on.

Thank you for listening, dear readers.  Until we meet again…


A Few of our Regulars at the Little Red Barn Brewery