Cow Tippin' Copper Ale
Kountry Kolsch
Everyman's Porter
I'll Have A Nutter Brown Ale
Lawn Chair IPA
Squire Tavern Ale - Our recipe is inspired by Tony Simmons, founder of Pagosa Brewing, Old Richards Ale.  This was first created for Ben Franklin’s 300th Birthday.  In 2006 the American Homebrews Association asked breweries nationwide to brew this beer so all could raise a pint to honor this true American.  We put our own Little Red Barn Brewers twist on this classic beer and Squire Tavern Ale was born.

This beer has been described as having a complex aroma with a pleasant, malty, corny and slight nutty character enhanced by a slight molasses undertone which adds a slight spiciness.   At 7% ABV this beer will get any American Patriot through the unpredictable seasons of New England.

Cow Tippixn' Copper Ale - A great blend of malt and hops, smooth and refreshing with just the right amount of sweetness – perfect for whatever the day brings…. even if it’s just some good ol’ Cow Tippin'.

Light in color and malt character,  our Kountry Kolsch style is a refreshing drink with a hint of citrus accompanied by a slightly dry, crisp finish. Make this your new “light” beer for summer drinking!

Our ​"Everyman's" Porter is an American style beer with a roast malt flavor, driven by the use of dark grains accompanied by moderate hopping with a bold lingering taste after the first delicious sip!

I'll Have A Nutter Brown Ale - A light bodied ale of deep amber to brown color, this easy drinker is low in alcohol and light on the palate. It just kind of begs for a nutter pint!

Our Amber Waves Of Rye, is a hybrid ale, focusing on the addition of rye malt and just the right amount of hops give this amber ale a smooth finish and just enough edge to please the craft beer enthusiast!

Oatmeal Stout - The subtle roast flavor is balanced by the sweetness of chocolate and caramel while the oats provide the classic smooth taste that oatmeal stouts are known for.  A perfect winter warmer!

Lawn Chair IPA -   Pull out the lawn chair and sit back with a bit of hoppy goodness!!

Roll In The Hay DIPA  - Our double IPA is loaded with Chinook and Amarillo hops that pack a punch, but thanks to it's sweetness it won't knock you over.  Don't Roll In The Hay without it.

Mad River Pilsner  - A light beer, lightly hopped, with a classic Pilsner taste.  Float down the river with this crisp relaxer!

ESB  - English version of a Pale Ale, more malt flavor and a bit nutty.  Lightly hopped, dark gold color and low in alcohol.  A balanced beer with a clean finish.

Black Muddy River  - When you can't decide between an Irish Red and an Irish Stout you mash the two together - the mad scientists at the LRB did just that and here's the result.  Very roasty, very dark amber, earthy, smooth, and lightly hopped.  A brew that will satisfy any leprechaun!